EU ICT Lyon 2008
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QAP exhibit at EU Information and Communication Technologies fairs 2008 and 2009!

Representatives from QAP recently joined thousands of delegates from all over Europe at the Information and Communication Technologies Events in Lyon and Prague at the SCIENCE BEYOND FICTION fair. The biennial event is an opportunity for innovators and researchers to showcase exciting new ideas and technologies to policy and business decision-makers working in the field of digital technologies. With more than 4000 delegates visiting each day, the conference is the most important forum for discussing ICT at the European level. Exhibitors are selected based on the quality of their content with high levels of interactivity encouraged.

The Qubit Applications Stand

The QAP exhibit brought together exciting ideas from across the consortium, guiding the non-specialist audience from quantum information fundamentals to cutting-edge research results. The exhibit consisted of interactive visual presentations, "hands on" examples of existing quantum technologies - in the form of a random number game (Quantum Spin) and a secure quantum key distribution (QKD) system - and a science fiction comedy filmed in Oxford. The visual presentations, and associated animations are available for download below.


Above: Images from the Conference.


QAP interactive presentation (pdf)   A pdf illustrating the major research areas of the project. The associated animations (previously embedded are below.
Quantum random number generator (MPEG4)   An animation of the principles behind a quantum random number generator using single photons.
Qubit animation (MPEG4)   Animation comparing a qubit to a "classical" bit.
Single photon source (MPEG4)   Animation of a heralded single photon source based on parametric down-conversion.
Video of a real single photon source (MPEG4)   A video of a real heralded single photon source.
Quantum memory animation (MPEG4)   An animation of a photon flipping an atomic spin, storing quantum information in the process
Entanglement animation (MPEG4)   An animation illustrating the phenomenon of entanglement for the case of a photon striking a beamsplitter.
QAP Highlights Slideshow (pdf)   A slideshow of some research highlights from across the QAP consortium, with brief explanations of each paper.


Sci-fi Comedy! - "The DiVincenzo Code"

QAP's contribution to science cinema was previewed in Oxford on 5th November 2008 and is now available here or directly via YouTube (higher definition versions are available directly from the YouTube site)! The film was shown at the ICT Event in Lyon, with DVD copies handed out to participants.