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Principal Investigators: Professor Caslav Brukner / Dr Rupert Ursin

The Project 

Quantum Repeaters: Terrestrial and satellite free-space quantum communication 

The subproject Quantum Repeaters focuses on a number of tools that are common and central for quantum communication over long distances.

Several key ingredients for future quantum technology are to be developed in this subproject, such as sources of entanglement, quantum channels, quantum networks and quantum memories. 

Quantum communication protocols require the distribution of entanglement between separate locations with high fidelity. Transmission of quantum information is limited by decoherence and the absorption on the link. Reshaping and amplification of a quantum state is forbidden by the no-cloning theorem and so other methods must be used to ensure high fidelity transmission of quantum information. Quantum repeaters will resolve this problem by breaking quantum channels into shorter links. Entanglement distribution and purification at separate links will be used to ensure transmission of quantum information over the full channel with the required fidelity. 

An independent approach to overcome the limitation in the distance for distribution of entanglement is using free-space links, involving satellites in space for bridging distances on a global scale and eventually establishing a world wide quantum communication network. A typical free space channel consists of two telescopes with a free line of sight between them. In a close collaboration between OEAW, LMU and UBRISTOL together with the European Space agency (ESA), we demonstrated the distribution of entanglement over distances of 144 km between the Canary island La Palma and Tenerife [1], which is already 30% of the distance to the international space station ISS. Free space channels are an exciting prospect because of the potential for use in conjunction with satellite technologies. In the project we will investigate the feasibility of satellite quantum communication links, including potential satellite based components and space-compatible sources of entangled photons. Potential timing, pointing and tracking problems associated with satellites will be addressed via simulations and experimental demonstrations. Objectives include measurement of single photons reflected from a low orbiting laser ranging satellite [2]. 

Among our goals in other subprojects (SP2.3 “Multiphoton Networks”) are the production and characterization of various multi-photon entangled states, such as GHZ, W, or Cluster states, experimental demonstration of their counter-intuitive features, and exploitation of these features for quantum information technology. Major goal is realization of one-way quantum computer based on processing of single qubits in a highly-entangled cluster state. Using this cluster state we aim to implement various quantum algorithms. 

In the SP2.5 “Multi-particle and qubit entanglement purification and algorithms” we investigate entanglement between orbital angular momentum of photons, which are states of the electromagnetic field with phase singularities (doughnut modes). This opens up a practical approach to multi-dimensional entanglement where the entangled states do not only consist of two orthogonal states but of many of them. These states are expected to be of importance for the current efforts in the quantum computation and communication scheme based on higher-dimensional systems. 

Figure: The setup for free-space entanglement distribution between La Palma and Tenerife. Polarisation entangled photon pairs are produced in a type-II parametric down conversion (DC) source by pumping a beta-barium-borate crystal (BBO) with a high power UV laser. One photon is measured locally on La Palma, the other one is sent through a 15 cm transceiver lens over the 144 km free-space optical link to the 1 m mirror telescope of the Optical Ground Station (OGS) on the island of Tenerife.


Other QAP Activities 

  • Multi-photon Networks with LMU
  • Multi-particle and qudit entanglement and purification algorithms with IMPERIAL
  • Quantum Channels with UG
  • Advanced sources of entangled photon pairs with CNRSGRE
  • Long distance fibre-optic quantum relays and purification with UNIGE  


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Related work

R. Prevedel, M. S. Tame, A. Stefanov et al, Experimental demonstration of decoherence-free one-way quantum processing, accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. Lett.

P. Villoresi, T. Jennewein, F. Tamburini et al, Experimental demonstration of a quantum communication channel from a LEO satellite to Earth, submitted to Science


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