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Press releases and popular publications

03/2009 A recent Physical Review Letter by QAP researchers has received much press attention for the surprising nature of their results - namely that too much entanglement is bad for a quantum computer and makes it run only marginally faster than a conventional one! Sample articles are listed below...
  D. Bacon, "Too entangled to quantum compute one-way", Physics 2, 38 (2009)
  A. Cho, "Oddly, too much weirdness slows a quantum computer down", Science 323, 1658 (2009).
  H. Johnston, "Is entanglement always good for quantum computers?", Physics World, News, Nov 20, 2008.
  I.M. Vargas, "Quantum entanglement can be too much of a good thing", Science News, March 23, 2009.
  I. Durham, "Bad news for quantum computers?", The Quantum Times (American Physical Society, topical group on quantum information theory), quantum news and notes, Autumn, Winter 2008.
11/2008 A Nature Physics paper by QAP researchers was highlighted in several academic press publications. These are listed below...
  M. Aspelmeyer, "Measured measurement", Nature Physics News and Views 5, 11 (2009).
  D. Reeves, "Quantum calibration paves way for super-secure communication",, 2008.
  "Forschungsergebnisse auf dem Gebiet der Quantenphysik in Nature Physics", idw-online, 2008.
2008 Anton Zeilinger (Austrian Academy of Sciences) was awarded the Isaac Newton medal of the Institute of Physics, for his pioneering conceptual and experimental contributions to the foundations of quantum physics.
2007 QUESTS (an online quantum engineering, science and technology webzine) was launched at Macquarie University in 2007 and went on to win an award for its innovative teaching and learning approach. The site seeks to bring quantum science direct to the public through interviews with research students around the globe.
08/2007 An article in Scientific American: "In putting teleportation, entanglement and other quantum oddities to the test, physicist Anton Zeilinger hopes to find out just how unreal quantum reality can get..."
1/7/07 The "Discover" magazine (US) listed Light-Atom-Teleportation first among "The Top 6 Physics Stories of 2006"
06/2007 CNRS International Magazine: An interview with Julia Kempe
20/6/2007 New Scientist discussed work by OEAW in "The second quantum revolution"
15/6/2007 covers the paper "Time-Reversal and Super-Resolving Phase Measurements", Phys. Rev. Lett. 98 223601 (2007)
11/5/2007 Science Careers section in Science magazine issue of May 11, coverage on Julia Kempe and quantum computing.
21/3/2007 Anton Zeilinger (Austrian Academy of Sciences) was interviewed by National Geographic News regarding entanglement and its use for quantum communication.
20/3/2007 Free space quantum communication experiments carried out with the European Space Agency (ESA) were highlighted in an ESA press release
17/3/2007 Work by Caslav Bruckner's group at the University of Vienna, Austria was featured in a recent New Scientist article
16/3/2007 Researchers Phil Schewe and Ben Stein of the Austrian Academy of Sciences recently contributed to the American Institute of Physics News Bulletin with an article on the exciting prospect of harnessing new fundamental physics concepts for practical benefits. "Physics and Progress" is available to read here.
15/3/2007 Work on quantum teleportation between the Canary Islands was featured in an article on, and in an article on National Geographic News
14/3/2007 QAP research covered in National Geographic News: An experiment on the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa, has smashed a record for sending messages encrypted using the quirks of quantum physics.
8/3/2007 Work on quantum teleportation between the Canary Islands was presented in an article on, and on BioEd Online
11/1/2007 Work by the Imperial College group regarding Bose-Hubbard models of cavities was featured in a recent New Scientist article
10/1/2007 Nanowerk News and HPC Wire featured QAP research carried out at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OEAW)
1/12/2007 The "Scientific American" (US) listed Light-Atom-Teleportation among the "Most Important Science Stories of 2006"
2006 Julia Kempe, researcher at the University of Paris, won the 2006 Irne Joliot-Curie Prize.
27/11/2006 Press release on "Strongly interacting polaritons in coupled arrays of cavities" by QAP partner Imperial College. The work was featured in an article by CBS News
5/10/2006 Work by Eugene Polzik and his team at the Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University in Denmark was highlighted in an article on CBA News

Television / Radio / Public speaking

2007 Quantum teleportation - do we already have a XXII century technology? A popular talk given during XI-th Festival of Science in Warsaw, 2007. Slides accompanying the talk may be found here. Rafal Demkowicz-Dobrzanski
  Speakers corner science discussions: Members of the QIT programme have recently given speeches at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park.
8/1/2007 Scientists based in Imperial College London's Institute for Mathematical Sciences are revolutionising the way they deliver their seminars with the launch of QILive - a new scheme which will see quantum information seminars being broadcast live on the internet, for academic audiences worldwide
  Dr Michael Hartmann of Imperial College London was interviewed on the Berkeley Groks Science Show regarding the future of Quantum Information Processing. The interview can be heard here, and starts approximately a quarter of the way into the show.
  The website has published a TV Interview of Vladimir Buzek speaking in Slovak (ASF Format).
15/3/2007 Dr Jens Eisert of Imperial College London contributed to the science programme "Nano" of the 3SAT television channel in Germany